Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Pit Of Despair... or Greek II

I told myself I would post more often so here goes...Went to physical therapy today for my ankle. Man, that place is like a dungeon from the dark ages. There were all sorts of contraptions and whatnot. I thought I had entered "The Pit Of despair" from "The Princess Bride". There were some machines in there that I have never seen before. I was a bit scared as I sat down for my evaluation. At least the lady helping me spoke normally. If she started hissing, I was outta there. Now mind you this is in Seal Beach and for those of you not from So. Cal. Seal Beach is home to one of the many leisure World retirement communities. So the clientele was rather... how shall I say... the 4:30 crowd at Denny's. I was hopeing to work out next to some athlete but all I got was Melba who was there recovering from her fourth, count 'em, fourth hip replacement (you can't make this stuff up). She was lying on some water torture device with a towel wrapped around her head and in no pain, so I though this might not be too bad. Well, I had to bend and twist all sorts of ways that a person should not. I am in more pain now than before. I rode the bike for a while and did some stretches as well as some range of motion exercises. I guess it could have been worse. So I have to go back twice a week for three weeks and then I will go back to the orthopedic guy.

In other news, school is going well. I am in the fog of the Greek verb right now. Boy those guys must have been board when they made that stuff up. Lets see how can we make this easy... no, I have a better idea, lets make this sooooo hard we will be remembered forever. Here is a sample. If you don't understand all this just nod and smile, (that's what some of the guys in my class do). For every verb there is tense. Sounds easy but here are the tenses: present (so far, so good), Imperfect (O.K. gotcha), Future (piece of cake), Perfect (I think I studied that), Aorist (What!!) 1/2 Aorist (you lost me), Pluperfect (MOMMY!!). Then there is mood: Idicative, Subjunctive, Imperitive, Infinitive, Participle, Opative (my mind is mush at this point). Then there is voice: Active, Middle, Passive, Deponent. Not to mention person and number. My Greek professor at this point dangles the carrot in front of us by saying we will be taking baby steps. So I reach down and pick my jaw off my desk, wipe the tears from my eyes and we get to work. So far so good. We are only working with Present, Active, Indicative verbs for now, and I get it. It makes sense. We will see what the next few weeks hold. I hope I look back on this post and laugh sometime (soon I hope) and say that there was nothing to it. OK so I have successfully wasted 15 min of valuable study time on this back to the books. Kali Mera, Eukharisto Pali!!

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