Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am under the gun so I will make this quick. No free internet at the Welk Resort so the clock is ticking on my 30 min of internet use. We are all enjoying our vacation here in San Deigo. We went to Legoland yesterday. Very underwhelming. It was not bad, but not great. There were a few things that were run down, and some things that just did not work. It was evident that Disney was not in charge.

We did have an earthquake yesterday. We did not feel it but all the rides closed down for a while so they could do some safety checks. We touched base with our Long Beach friends and all was well with them and with our house as well.

We are taking a lazy day today, kicking back by the pool etc. and are on our way to Sea World in the morning. That is about all I have time for. I will post more later. Until then...

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Ingrid said...

Enjoy SD! I'm so glad y'all are together and enjoying vaca.

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