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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mexican Sidewalks!

I left the house today with plenty of time to spare and I am walking down Av. Horacio. This street has a wide greenbelt in the middle lined with trees and is a lot better than walking down some of the other strees and dodging cars and people washing the sidewalk etc. The only thing to worry about is the bold flower sellers who don't like the hear the words "no gracias". So I am about half way or more to school when I step on what I though was a flat portion of the walkway and I stumble and twist my ankle pretty good. I heard a few pops and I think to my self, "Oh Crap, I am in Mexico and I just hurt myself pretty good!" I managed to stay upright and dodge a few taxis and I flasback to the multiple times I have done this in the past. Will this be one of those times when it stops hurting in a few minutes or am I in for some serious pain? The pain starts to subside a bit and I keep walking but it never really feels better. After sitting in class for two hours I get up and I can hardly walk. I am in some serious pain. After a few minutes I am able to walk and I leave school. I walk about two blocks and decide to take the bus. I get on the bus but I have to stand for most of the trip. That sucked! When I get off the bus I have to limp another 4 blocks to the apartment. So needless to say, I have stayed at home all day with my foot up and rotating ice packs. It hurts alot but it is not bad enough to go to the hospital. (It wouldn't have been the first time in a foreign hospital.) I will try to stay off it as much a possible and take some Tylenol and what not. Jeff and I are supposed to go out with some of the embassy people tonight but I don't know if I can make it. Oh well, thats life in Mexico. Moral of the story = Never trust a sidewalk in Mexico. Talk to you all later.


  • Hi Seth,
    I'm proud of your, just get in there and do it attitude! That's the kind of attitude through which God can and will do great things through you.

    By Blogger pastordon, At 5:07 PM  

  • Very passionate blog here...First time though......

    By Blogger Grey Vampire, At 7:03 PM  

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