Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Safe In Mexico

I arrived safely in Mexico City yesterday afternoon to dark skies and thunderstorms. It is a real stretch on the brain being in Alaska a few day ago with its wide open spaces and few people to the sprawling metropolis that is Mexico City. These two places are real opposites. I start Spanish classes today and then I will start some exploring of the city. I am staying with Jill's brother Jeff who works down here. We had some great street tacos last night for dinner. YUM!!

As far as an update from Alaska goes, I will need some time to process and then I will write a detailed post. The short version is it was an awesome experience! I was not able to convert my pictures to portable media before I left so I will not be able to post any pictures of Alaska until I return to the states next month.

Life is good and I will be in touch with you all soon. God Bless!!

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