Friday, July 08, 2005

Que Baracho

I was a bit late in leaving Jeff's apartment today so I had to really walk fast to get to school on time. I made it right at 9:00 but I was pretty tired. After class I went down close to the U.S. Embassy to have lunch with Jeff. I took one of the local favorite modes of transportation, the minibus. It costs $2.50 pesos (about a quarter) and I was jammed on this bus that looked more like a moter home or a catering truck. Muy authetico. I rode for about 15 min and then took a short walk to meet Jeff. We went to an Argentinian Steak restaurant for lunch called Que Baracho. It was very good. One of the best steaks I have had. I also had an empenada (pastery filled with various items) to die for. Mine was ham and cheese. At Que Baracho they surve chimichurri with your bread. It is real good. Check out this site if you want a recipe. After lunch I tired to get the bus back but I could not seem to find the right stop or the right street so I went down and took another bus that took me to the metro station and then I took the metro back to Polonco (the nieghborhood Jeff lives in). The metro was kinda dirty and crowded, but it is very cheap ($2 pesos, less than 20 cents U.S.). The Mexico City metro carries the third most people in the world per day behind Moscow and London and it is the cheapest in the world. The weather was great again today, mostly sunny and in the 70's. As long as this weather holds, Jeff and I are off to see the pyramids in the morning. Until then!!

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